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5 Perfumes to Try in 2019

By Dana Manuel Share
5 Perfumes to Try in 2019
New year, new scent.

Whether you’ve recently emptied your bottle of perfume or searching for a new go-to fragrance, it’s the perfect time to pick up a new scent or rediscover an old favorite. Are you partial to floral, fresh fragrances or are fruity and sweet scents more your speed? Whatever it is, we think you’ll find your next signature scent from this list. Keep reading for 5 perfumes that you should try in 2019.

Moschino Funny! PHP 4,500

This floral-fruity fragrance is vibrant and uplifting with pink pepper, green tea, jasmine, peony, and a musk base.

Prada Candy PHP 4,995

Girls with a penchant for sweet scents will love this gourmand caramel perfume that has a blend of sweet caramel, vanilla, and musk. Candy isn’t cloying but rather a classic sweet and musky fragrance.

Chloé L'Eau De Chloe PHP 5,500

A refreshing composition of crisp and citrus notes like lemonade, rose petals, and patchouli. It is a fresh and green scent that’s perfect for summertime.

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Cherry Blossom PHP 3,250

A light floral and citrus scent with a musk base. It consists of notes like green tea, cherry blossom, and peony. If you’re looking for a fresh and casual fragrance for every day, you’ll love this one.

Marc Jacobs Daisy PHP 4,995

Composed of strawberry notes, pink grapefruit, vanilla, and musk, this feminine perfume smells fresh and crisp with a punch. It dries down to a soft powdery and musky base.

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