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5 Ways to Style Your New Bangs

By Dana Manuel
• Updated
5 Ways to Style Your New Bangs
Your guide to taming and styling your new fringe.

So you bit the bullet and got the ‘Bardot’ bangs you’ve been fantasizing over on Pinterest for months now. It looks amazing but what exactly do you do with it after getting the chop? Styling your new fringe might seem like too much work but it will really take you no more than 5 minutes to tame it and look effortlessly chic.

Keep reading for 5 ways to style your fringe.


Photo via @iamsofiaandres

After washing your hair, take a small brush and blow dry your hair downwards while brushing through the bangs. Alternate the direction from right to left.

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Photo via @superjanella

Take a barrel brush and blow dry your hair towards the direction you want while rolling the brush inwards. If you have thick hair, do it in small sections and repeat the steps until every piece is dry.

Curtain Bangs

Photo via Pinterest

After washing your hair, split your fringe from the center. Take a barrel brush, hold it vertically, then blow dry the roots from the left side, pointing towards the right. Repeat on the other side of the fringe.


Photo via Pinterest

Point your blow dryer straight pointing down your bangs. Alternate the direction from side to side so it doesn’t dry flat on the face. Once your fringe is dry, apply a pomade of finishing spray to set the hairstyle.

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Photo via @peachristine

Comb all your bangs together away from your face. Grab a curling iron and curl towards your face. Hold it for a few seconds before gently sliding the curling iron away.

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