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A Simple Pixi by Petra Glowy Makeup Routine

By Chin Ann Obiedo
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A Simple Pixi by Petra Glowy Makeup Routine
Get a Pixi glow up!

Pixi by Petra is a go-to brand for skincare that makes you glow. Their secret is simple: the star ingredient, Glycolic acid. It's like a holy grail for exfoliation. It gets rid of dead skin cells on your face which in turn gives you brighter skin. Countless people have shared their experiences with the products that it's reached holy-grail status for beauty lovers.

With its popularity, they've even extended their coveted skincare line to makeup. Makeup that's not only fun to play with but your skin will love too! They have bases and muti-balms that you'll love to put on your face for that effortless, glow-from-within-look. So if you've ever had problems with dull skin or makeup, this brand will get you glowing in no time!

Scroll down to see how to achieve a simple Pixi-approved makeup look:


Glow Peel Pads PHP 1590

For a glow-y base, you have to always prep your face first. Exfoliating will slough off any dead skin cells. It will give you a smoother canvas and application will be smoother. The glow pads are easy to use and can get you ready in a jiffy.


H20 Skin Tint PHP 1295

Next is the base. It can be a challenge to find a base that covers blemishes and not look like cakey. Pixi's skin tint evens out your skin tone while making your skin still feel and look hydrated. You can mix it in with a few drops of your favorite highlighter or oil for an even striking glow.



MultiBalm Soft Strawberry PHP 695

Using creams instead of powders for your makeup will give you a more natural finish. They're easier to blend and will stay on longer. The great thing about this multi-purpose balm is you can take it with you anywhere with its handy packaging and use it as an eyeshadow, blush, and a lipstick! It's a simple monochromatic look you'll love to do on lazy days.



Rose Glow Mist PHP 995

To finish, spray some of the Pixi's Rose Glow Mist on top of your makeup. It sets your makeup in place and adds even more glow minus the chunky glitters. Spritz throughout the day to refresh makeup and melt any powders.


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