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Achieve A Smaller Face Frame With This Makeup Trick

By Janine Abejay
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Achieve A Smaller Face Frame With This Makeup Trick
Snatch those edges!

If you're born with the smallest face frame like Maris Racal, then you've been blessed by Aphrodite. Everyone has a unique face shape, but sometimes symmetry isn't our side thus owning a five-head. No fretting! It's fine to embrace your natural face shape, but you can totally enhance it to achieve a smaller frame. With this, faking a chiseled jaw and cheek is doable without going the nip tuck. It's the infamous contouring trick! But, be light-handed 'cause overshadowing your face could be unflattering rather than enhancing. The right execution is key to snatch those edges. So, check out this makeup hack to achieve a smaller face frame, ASAP!





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Due to my receding hairline, I personally have a large forehead as of the moment. This defeats the symmetry of my face. So, what I do is I contour my hairline and fade it to the upper part of my forehead. This creates the illusion of a shadow making that area of my face smaller. Then, I take it lightly to my temples.

No worries about chubby cheeks! You can snatch them by following the hollows of your cheekbones. Don't swipe your contour to a dark obnoxious strip, but brush it lightly in a circular motion to softly blend. Curve it to your jaw for a married look. Underneath your jaw to nearly your neck, apply contour lightly to accentuate your jawline for a smaller frame.




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