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Achieve Frizz Free Locks with Dyson

By Marie Elise Delos Santos
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Achieve Frizz Free Locks with Dyson
Stay frizz free!

Despite the fact that the Philippines is only known for its rain or shine, the weather is definitely not frizz-friendly. You'll be surprised, for your hair will transform into a multitude of different hairstyles due to the humidity after the rain or whilst the sun is shining like it’s nobody’s business. Luckily, Dyson came up with the perfect solution to style your hair even amidst our unpredictable weather. 





Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer White / Silver PHP 21,500

The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is the first of it’s kind, being smart, slick and versatile. The narrow opening allows the release of air and heat to be controlled. By focusing the airflow, the drying capacity allows the hair to maintain its healthy state. Two buttons indicate heat or cold depending on what you desire. As we know, too much heat can damage your hair so the cooling effect is the perfect option. In addition, the noise is reduced but the speed and temperature remain the same. Styling has never been made easier because this tool comes with 16 patents to further control the airflow allowing you to experiment on a large variety of hairstyles. Each dryer comes with detachable nozzles, all magnetic for easy adjustments. It’s the perfect size to store and travel with it also comes in two other colors: Fuchsia and Powerful Black! Shop our site now to get your hands on this one-of-a-kind hairdryer!

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