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#BBTop5: The Best of Dr. Jart+

By Janine Abejay
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#BBTop5: The Best of Dr. Jart+
The best from Dr. Jart!

Dr. Jart+ is definitely one of K-Beauty’s household names. Expanding its fame to the west, we can truly believe that Dr. Jart+ is becoming one of the world’s favorite K-Beauty skincare. Originating from Seoul, Dr. Jart+ offers a wide range of products for every skin concern. That weird face mask you’ve been seeing on YouTube was even made by them! There’s a lot to be excited about this brand, as they create products that are both grounded by science and inspired by art. Supply your skincare shelf only with the good stuff, ‘cause here’s our top list of Dr. Jart's best five!

Check them out:


Cicapair Serum PHP 2750

Those who have sensitive skin can find a new serum in Dr. Jart’s Cicapair collection. It’s formulated with Centella Asiatica, a familiar ingredient for soothing and treating sensitive skin. This serum is ideal to apply before creams.

Vital Hydra Solution Mask PHP 230

Use this mask and your skin will feel instantly plump and hydrated. It doesn’t leave a sticky finish on your skin: only the right amount of moisture. Containing Aquaxyl and Xylitol, it protects moisture and retains skin hydration.



Cicapair Cream PHP 2750

To further nurse your sensitive skin, lather on Dr. Jart’s Cicapair Cream after serum. It strengthens skin from fatigue and reduces redness caused by irritation. It also provides moisture, thus caring for your sensitive skin as a whole.

Clearing Solution Mask PHP 280

Perfect for acne-prone skin, the Clearing Solution is a microfiber sheet mask that contains Niacinamide, Tea Tree Oil, and Salicylic Acid. Acne scars could do a little helping with Glutathione as an added ingredient to lighten dark spots and blemishes.


V7 Toning Mask PHP 230

How many vitamins would your skin need for a brighter complexion? Apparently, a dense 7-vitamin complex could do the job. Jam-packed with healthy ingredients plus White Jade, you’ll yield the result of a more toned, brighter, and clearer skin.

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