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Do You Really Need A Lip Mask?

By Janine Abejay
• Updated
Do You Realy Need A Lip Mask?
Find out if this skin care trend is worth a try!

Scrolling through Instagram was perhaps one of the ways how you've discovered lip masks. It's so cute and insta-worthy! And they come in different flavors. But while we're crushing on how photogenic these masks are, we're curious about whether they really work or not. There's almost a mask for every purpose, from your face to your under eyes. By now, you might own so many of these already! So, investing in lip masks should definitely be worth your time and money. The question is, do you really need a lip mask? Would it replace your favorite lip balms and skin salves? We uncover the benefits of this new skincare trend to answer if it's really worth your buck!



Kocostar Pink Peach Lip Mask PHP 115

Like a face mask or an eye patch, lip masks basically work as a leave-on patch for your lips to moisturize and hydrate them. It conditions with nourishing ingredients for healthy and smooth lips. Thanks to lip masks, you won't have those annoyingly dry and chapped lips! Put on Kocostar's Pink Peach Lip Mask, and have cute selfies while you're at it!

Laneige Special Care Lip Sleeping Mask Grapefruit PHP 1000

You can also put on a lip mask overnight, and wake up to beautifully soft and smooth lips. It preps your lips for lipstick application or simply leaving it bare with just a tinted balm. Apply a lip sleeping mask like Laneige's Special Care in Grapefruit as a finishing touch to your skincare routine.


We've come to a verdict: you do really need lip masks! It simply cares for your lips, making it hydrated and moisturized. So, stash one or two now in your kit and pucker up with smooth and healthy lips!


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