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Hannah Pangilinan Finds Her Purpose in Vlogging

By Beauty Bubble Editorial Team
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Hannah Pangilinan Feature
Find out why this humble vlogger’s beauty shines from within.

Taking leaps from your URL to IRL, HANNAH PANGILINAN is as sweet and bubbly as she is on our mobile screens. Beaming with a golden glow and angelic pearly-whites, the 19-year-old has been collecting virtual hearts since making her debut as a vlogger and social media influencer in 2016. Whether she’s doing makeup tutorials or doling out life advice, she never fails to be a catalyst for inspiration in her videos. “I can’t talk about my passion in my YouTube channel without talking about my faith. I’m a Christian, and I think that’s really where I draw my positivity,” she relates.

While her social media following certainly makes an impression, Hannah is all about reaching out to her audience and actually engaging with them. “I feel like there are so many things to be grateful for, and in a space where there are so many negative things already, I wanna be that refreshing voice or that kind person to be talking to all those people who might be going through a lot of things,” she shares. “So I I try to radiate positivity as much as possible because I think we need more of that in the YouTube space.” Making content to make people feel more positive, she’s clearly aiming for a higher platform.

“I feel like there are so many things to be grateful for, and in a space where there are so many negative things already, I wanna be that refreshing voice or that kind person to be talking to all those people who might be going through a lot of things.”

The self-made artist has also been making rounds outside the Internet as she’s currently working on her music as an artist under Universal Records. As she steps away from the camera for a bit, we talk to the upcoming star about her YouTube career, her skincare tips, and why she thinks makeup is more than just a product that can make you look better.

Your vlogs really are a breath of fresh air. What motivated you to start your own YouTube channel?

I initially wanted to make a YouTube channel because I’ve always been a fan of YouTubers. I was watching all these makeup tutorials from girls who were from the States and Europe, and I was never really able to relate to them. They have very different [skin] conditions from the ones we Filipinas have and the makeup varies a lot. I wanted to be that person for a lot of FIlipinas who don’t have the chance to get professional lessons in makeup or spend some time with someone they can talk to about their experience. I wanted to be someone who people can relate to, so that’s why I started my YouTube channel.

Speaking of YouTubers, who are some of your favorites?

My most favorite vlogger, like hands-down, is Casey Neistat. He’s so good. He commented on one of my pictures—I died. I literally died [laughs]. That was probably one of the proudest moments of my life. I love his vlogs so much because I feel like out of all the travel vloggers, it’s not just a random showing of what his day is like, he makes it cinematic, it’s like a movie. It’s like watching somebody else’s life, but it’s so interesting because he makes a mundane day look as if it’s so eventful. That really intrigued me and I wanted to make vlogs like that also. I wanted people to be able to get out of their reality because I feel like YouTube is a place where people could escape. If people want to feel happy but they’re not, they can go to YouTube and be excited about somebody else’s life.

When it comes to beauty, I like Kathleen Lights. I also love this girl, her YouTube channel is Clothes Encounters by Jenn Im. I like very chill videos and videos that are aesthetically pleasing.

You’ve done the “No Mirror Makeup Challenge” before. If you were to come up with a new makeup challenge for your vlog, what would it be?

Well, I actually just filmed a makeup challenge with my cousin Frankie. It’s a Style-Swap Makeup Challenge. I feel like those are so cool because I’m so curious as to what’s in other people’s makeup bags, so I was using hers and she was using mine. Frankie likes experimenting with a lot of stuff, and with me, I keep it super simple. With her, I get to try different eyeshadows, and we both got into beauty at the same time, so we’re just talking about different makeup products. It’s just really interesting to see the way different people use their products.

What do you think is an overlooked beauty product?

For me, it’s always skincare first. If you have a good base to begin with, you don’t even have to use a lot of makeup. So primers and moisturizers are so essential to having natural-looking makeup. Because if you have good skin, then you could use less makeup.

"The best part about vlogging is all the opportunities that it was able to bring me ... I'm able to speak in schools and go to events where I talk about women empowerment."

What’s an easy skincare routine that anyone can do without having to spend a lot?

Just drink a lot of water! Hydrate, because it’s from within. When I started drinking a lot of water, I noticed that my lips aren’t chapped like before. For people with oily skin, to just moisturize. Because for some people, when they have oily skin, they don’t like to put on moisturizer, but this is from what I heard, if you don’t put moisturizer, then your skin overcompensates, so it actually produces more oil.

Why do you think makeup has evolved into from something that can “just make you look better” to a form of self-expression that makes girls feel more confident?

I think before, I was actually very conscious about putting on makeup. I thought that it was something that would make me look maarte. I thought that people would judge me for wearing makeup. But with the rise of social media, especially YouTube, people now understand that it’s a normal thing. Before there was also the misconception that if you were putting on makeup, you were insecure, but now, everybody’s supportive of each other.

I really liked what Rissa Mananquil of Happy Skin said about this when they asked her, “How would you advocate for self-love if you sell makeup products?” and she said that “Makeup is not something that you use to cover up, it’s also so that you can respect the people that you’re with. Just like you putting on fancy clothes and preparing yourself for the day, makeup is just like grooming as well.” So it’s not like you’re just covering up, it’s also for you to show people, “I’m here, I prepared for this and I respect the people that I’m with” and it really changed my outlook on makeup.

What’s the best part about vlogging for you?

I think the best part of vlogging is all the opportunities that it was able to bring for me. ‘Cause when I started doing videos it was just super chill, then suddenly it transitioned into me doing something like this, me doing photoshoots. Now, I’m able to speak in schools and go to events where I talk about women empowerment. Suddenly, I’m this influencer on social media. I feel like it’s opened up so many doors for me, and I really appreciate that.

Photographed by Miguel Alomajan
Makeup by Pamela Robes
Hair by Jeff Valencia
Styled by Angela de Dios

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