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Health Habits: What I Give My Kid for a Happy, Healthy Tummy

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Health Habits: What I Give My Kid for a Happy, Healthy Tummy

Being a young mom is not without its challenges, and having to juggle work and taking care of your kids is something that a lot of moms struggle with. This is something that Russel knows all too well, having to balance her time between her work as a project manager for a financial institution and taking care of Ezekiel or EZ, her 4-year old son. On top of it, Russel’s work also requires her to be in the office during the night shift, and although she has a yaya to help her out in taking care of EZ, of course she still wants to be more hands-on when it comes to taking care of her son. 

At his age, EZ is very hyperactive and loves playing with other kids. This also means that he can be prone to eating unhealthy food like chips, sweets and other junk food. Although Russel considers herself as a not too strict mom when it comes to EZ’s food, she also wants him to get the proper nutrition to help develop his growth. One time, EZ had to miss school because of an upset stomach, and this is where Russel realized that getting him the right kind of food and supplements was really important. 

To make sure that EZ is still getting the best nutrition in spite of her busy schedule, here are some things that Russel does that other young moms can do as well: 

Make vegetables more fun 

Getting kids to like eating vegetables can be challenging, especially if they would rather have the usual tasty treats like fried chicken and junk food. Although EZ doesn’t really dislike veggies, there are times when he would just eat a little of what she has prepared especially if he doesn’t like a particular vegetable. To make vegetables more appealing to EZ, Russel takes to doing fun baon preparations for him in the morning. What’s better is that Russel lets EZ help her in food preparation so that he will be more excited to eat them knowing that he has a hand in preparing them. 

Substitute fruits for chocolates and candies

EZ loves sweets, and although Russel gives in to his lambing for chocolates and candies from time to time, she also makes sure that he gets just enough sugar without going overboard. To make EZ appreciate healthier sources of sweets like fruits, Russel usually includes them in their daily meals. She also uses natural fruit juice instead of powdered drinks and artificial sweeteners. 

Give them a supplement that is rich in probiotics

Digestion problems can result to low energy and diarrhea, affecting your kid’s mood and sometimes their performance in school. This is something that Russel learned so she looked for healthy supplements to help EZ and learned about probiotics. Probiotics are helpful in kids’ digestion, and ensures that your kids stay active and healthy in this crucial time of child development. Getting the right kind of food with just enough nutrients can be challenging, and lucky for young moms like Russel, there is Probibears to help them give their kids a happy and healthy tummy.

Probibears contains Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium in their combined 2-in-1 Probio Booster formula. These good bacteria are known to help in digestion, prevent upset stomach and improve your kids’ immunity, keeping illnesses at bay. Made by Erceflora, it has also been proven safe and is the #1 most-prescribed probiotic brand by doctors for kids. The best part is that Probibears is very easy to give to kids since it comes in chewable form, making your kids feel like they are just having something fun to eat.

Now Russel always makes sure to have Probibears at home, EZ loves it too! Help give your kids a happy and healthy tummy by giving them Erceflora Probibears from the makers of the World’s #1 Probiotic, now available in all leading drugstores.

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