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Here Are 3 Effective Ways On Amplifying Your Highlighter's Glow

By Janine Abejay
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Here Are 3 Effective Ways On Amplifying Your Highlighter's Glow
Boost that glow!

Highlighters have been a hot beauty commodity since its rise, and it's a staple you need to own in your makeup collection. It's no doubt one of the most enjoyable makeup products to have next to lipsticks and blushes. When your skin's feeling lifeless or you're in the mood for a statement, just glaze your skin with an illuminator and it's done. And when wearing highlighters, some want it subtle while some like it extra. If you're one of those beauty babes who prefer a beaming glow, then see our hacks below on how to make that highlighter pop even more.




Spritz Your Brush With Setting Spray



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It works with turning up your eyeshadows' pigment, and now it's a highlighter hack you should definitely try. Before dipping unto your pan, coat your brush with a setting spray. This will intensify the shine from your highlighter, making the high points of your face gorgeously glossy.



Layer Cream With Power



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A double application mind you, but for the glow? It's totally worth it! You should just be light-handed with this so it won't feel too heavy. First, pat on your cream highighter for base. It's best to blend this in with a damp sponge for a seamless finish. You can wet your sponge with either water or setting spray with this step.



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Now that you've laid down your base, here's the fun part. Sweep on a beaming powder highlighter to set your cream. This will not only speed your glow to superlative degree, but this also sets your cream in place so it won't move all day.



Liquid Highlighter Under and Over Foundation



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We've already unravelled this dewy foundation hack from our previous blog. So, since you've already knacked a glowy base, go all the way by using a liquid highlighter to also place shine on high points. Especially flattering on natural light, beam like the "dewy dumpling" goddess, Nam Vo!

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