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How Anne Curtis' BLK Universal Makeup Collection Suits Every Face

By Janine Abejay
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How Anne Curtis' BLK Universal Makeup Collection Suits Every Face
Beauty knows no age, gender, or color!

Beauty shouldn't only be uncomplicated, but it also should be for everyone. Everyone means all gender, all skin tones, and all races. Inclusivity is beauty's next wave of purpose to champion, and BLK Cosmetics rides the tides in creating makeup that's universal. They just released their boldest collection yet with products that are all-flattering and multi-purpose. The Universal line might be everything we need in makeup, and here's a rundown of each versatile makeup staple that's simply beyond age nor labels.

Check them out:


Skin Tint Sun Shield PHP 499



This perfecting skin tint is a sheer veil that evens out your complexion while providing your skin with maximum sun protection. It comes in four shades for different skin tones: Chestnut, Almond, Butterscotch, and Vanilla. Morenas will love the shade Chestnut for its rich neutral color. Almond is for those who have deep warm undertones. When your complexion is a little in between light and dark, then Butterscotch is your perfect shade. Fair-skinned chicas will absolutely adore the shade Vanilla. With all shades for all colors, keep your skin fresh all day with the Skin Tint Sun Shield!








Universal Brow Stick PHP 399



The Universal Brow Stick is the perfect brow groomer; you won't reach out for anything else but this multi-tasker. Everyone's favorite pencil now comes with a browcara to set hairs in place. Whether you're going for the bushy effect or the on-fleek arch, this brow duo lets you achieve whichever style you desire. Available in the shades Taupe and Natural Brown, use both brow products or each alone. It depends on your preference!





Color-Adapting Moisture Balm PHP 299



Give your lips maximum moisture with the Color-Adapting Moisture Balm. Adapting to your lips' natural color, this balm nourishes and creates a protective barrier from moisture loss. It also provides a pretty sheen, enhancing your lips' look. So, avoid having dry and chapped lips by popping this trusty balm in your beauty kit!



Multi-Use Tint Duo PHP 399



This multi-purpose color may be used on the lips, eyes, and cheeks. It comes with two formulas: water for a just-flushed look and matte for a pigmented color finish. The Multi-Use Tint Duo is available in two shades: Nutmeg and Cinnamon. Nutmeg is for the warm hue lovers with its peachy nude undertone. Cinnamon has a rosy undertone, perfect for those mauve nude moments.





Multitasking Color Stick PHP 399



So much to do with one beauty stick! The Multitasking Color Stick comes in four shades: Rose, Cocoa, Merlot, and Champagne. Flush your cheeks with Rose and Merlot for a pretty pop of color. Cocoa is your sculpting tool to chisel your features. Swipe on Champagne whichever you like: on the high points of your face, on your lids, or on the top of your lips. The Multitasking Color Stick is the perfect accentuating essential for your beautiful features.





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