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How To Brush Up Brows Sans The Crunch

By Janine Abejay
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How To Brush Up Brows Sans The Crunch
Keep them fixed and neat!

Neatly brushed up eyebrows are a point of envy by many, especially when pictures of perfectly done makeup flood your Instagram feed. It's not too hard to achieve this look though, especially when you have the right brow products for this. The important thing you must know is how to properly do it because you don't want your brows to look like a crunchy mess. Applying more or fewer products will cause your brow hairs to stick together and dry up crumbly. It's not a cute look, sis! So, perfect that brow moment with these steps we've noted down below and be a brow queen!

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Apply Brow Tamer


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Whether you prefer your brows penciled in or bare, the ultimate trick to bushy upward brows is using a brow grooming gel. Choose a brow gel that doesn't have a thick consistency to avoid its formula clumping on the hairs. To prep, scrape off excess product from the brush to get the right amount. Then, subtly brush upward to tame brows. Of course, even though you've extracted excess gel beforehand, some will scatter here and there. 




Remove The Crunch With A Spoolie


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Depending on how good your brow gel's formula can be, some give that dry crunchy texture. If this happens, then grab a clean spoolie or one that's attached on the other side of your brow pencil. Use this to fix your brows by brushing off leftover brow gel. Not only does this remove the excess crunch, but also it arranges your hairs and blends in brow gel more evenly. If you don't do this step, most likely other makeup products like powder will cling unto your dry brow hairs. It also makes them a little scattered and overly done. 

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