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How To Correctly Shape Your Misthreaded Brows

By Janine Abejay
• Updated
How To Correctly Shape Your Misthreaded Brows
A little fixing will help calm those brows down!

Opening your eyes to butchered brows after crying after a threading session can just get into your nerves. You know your brow shape so much that seeing them thinned down to a line is just so frustrating! Plus, it takes a while to grow out your brows so you have no choice but to finesse it. Good thing there are trusty brow products out there to mask this mess. Just do a little shaping and taming to your misthreaded brows and it's all good. Remedy wrongly-done brows with this short routine!


BLK Cosmetics Brow Sculpting Pencil Duo PHP 299

Use a convenient angled tip pencil to follow your usual brow shape. With this pigmented brow pencil duo from BLK, draw upward strokes to fill in the gaps quickly and easily. Do this until you reach your desired shape. Don't draw an outline on the top and bottom of your brow to avoid making it look fake. Be careful with your arch as well so as to not over-sharpen it.


Glossier Boy Brow PHP 1200

Hold your brows in place with a good brow gel. Glossier's Boy Brow will give them a natural and bushy look while making them budge-proof throughout the day. Brush upwards to mimic long hairs and to further fix the shape. 

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