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How to Cut Your Morning Makeup Routine In Half

By Chin Ann Obiedo
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How to Cut Your Morning Makeup Routine In Half
For those who are always on the go!

This advice is coming from someone who is always rushing out the door. I don't deny it: I love my sleep and I'll get as much of it as I can. But of course, it's not a perfect world and there are consequences to this. The opportunity cost of my love affair with sleep is that I always have to deal with scrambling to get ready in the morning. See, a normal person would have at least 2 hours allowance to shower, eat breakfast, sing with the birds, and other normal people things. But there are just some days when you want to sleep in. And when you finally get up after hitting snooze so many times, it does tend to quickly become a chaotic race with time. And in your pre-cup of Joe state of mind, you won't know what to prioritize.

But don't you worry. I'm here to help out. I have trained myself through the years to do things more efficiently so that I cheat my way into looking like I exerted a lot of effort. This is especially true with how I look for the day. Because let's admit it: we have to look good when we head out that door. I'm here to tell you that there are ways you can look your best with minimum effort. Besides the obvious things you can do to prep, like curating your clothes for the week, here are a few techniques I've learned with makeup because no one needs to know that I only had 10 minutes to do a full face.

Check them out:

Lay it out 

You have to have a strategy. If you're not a morning person, the night is your greatest ally. Do as much as you can the night before so that you can cut sometime in the morning. Before you go to sleep, lay out all the products you know you're going to need tomorrow. This way, you'll know where everything is and you won't scramble to find the right shade or tool for everything. You'll have all that you need insight and at arm's length and you won't waste time looking for things. Being prepared for anything is always key.


Since you can't be bothered by a complicated makeup product, get something that can multi-task like you. A product that has multiple functions will definitely be a good help to your everyday needs. Instead of reaching for 3 different face products, you can rely on just one product to do 3 steps in your routine. The BLK Cosmetics Face Palette is a good example of this. It takes care of your contouring, blushing, and highlighting needs so you're essentially just holding one product. It has a mirror and it's also quite affordable. There's really no downside here.

BLK Cosmetics Face Palette PHP 499


And finally, if you absolutely do not have the time to get ready, your wild card is a lipstick. Always have that one product that you can carry around that will be your tool for everything. A lipstick with a flattering shade will take you far. That lipstick will serve as a lippie, a blush, and an eyeshadow. You don't even have to use any kind of brush or sponge. You can just use your fingers to apply and blend. You'll literally have to do your makeup in just 5 minutes. My tip? The lesser the time you have to get ready, the darker the lipstick shade should be. So, nude and rose lippies for medium alert, red for emergencies. Just convince yourself that it's a monochromatic makeup mood and call it a day. Voila! You have an instant full face of makeup.

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