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How To Do An Easy, One Step Eyeshadow Look

By Janine Abejay
• Updated
How To Do An Easy, One Step Eyeshadow Look
One swipe is all it takes!

With our busy schedules, completing a full eyeshadow look is close to nonexistent. Just having to avoid pressing the snooze button, dragging ourselves out of bed and getting to work on time is only the beginning! But being fabulous, on-the-go girls, it's still one of our main priorities to look and feel fresh and presentable. A quick and easy hack to feeling like an eyeshadow queen is using a reliable liquid eyeshadow. 

So without further ado, we'd like to introduce you to Glossier's Lid Star. It's sheer, it's fabulous, it's highly pigmented (but easy to blend), and completely dummy proof – so it won't intimidate! It's so handy, that it's all you need to pop in your purse! Find out how this easy-to-use liquid shadow should be your go-to for a quick beauty fix.


Glossier Lidstar in Herb PHP 1150

This formula is completely blendable, and it's the only product you'll need for a full look! No need to use a primer, because it won't crease even on oily lids. Simply dab the product on your eye and blend with your fingers or a brush. Enhance your eyes daily with this buildable liquid shadow.

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