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How To Groom Unthreaded Brows

By Janine Abejay
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How To Groom Unthreaded Brows
Shape to tame.

Look at those brows, babe! They've been a little fuller than usual. Perhaps, you've been once again bitten by the lazy bug, or just don't have the time to have them threaded. Can't squeeze in that appointment due to your busy schedule? No biggie, because those brows can still be styled and tamed despite the excess hairs. Check out below how to nicely groom your unthreaded brows and still rock them!


Settle Hairs With Brow Gel

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Since excess hairs are skirting around your brows, you have to put them in place to know which areas to draw with a pencil. It's recommended to settle them first by coating them thinly with a good brow gel. Using upward motions, tame them in place for that initial groom. By this, those stray hairs will look a little more put-together, creating and mimicking a natural and bushy effect. You'll know by then as well which sparse areas to fill in.


Fill In With Pencil

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Now that you've run a thin coat of brow gel through your brows, you may already see which parts to shape and fill. With upward strokes, draw brow hairs on sparse areas. You can't do a dramatic arch or an obviously drawn line on your brows since it'll make them more unflattering. So, do your best to create light and upward flicks for a subtle look.


Finish With Tinted Brow Setter

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All you need to do is set! Don't go ham with this last step though so as to not make your eyebrows look thick. Like the first step, brush in light upward strokes. This is to only set all the work you've done to make them budge-proof and long-lasting throughout the day. A tip is to also scrape off excess product from your brush before application to ensure little product is on the applicator.

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