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How To Lay Down The Perfect Base Using Brushes

By Chin Ann Obiedo
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How To Lay Down The Perfect Base Using Brushes
Brush up on your beauty basics!

All makeup artists will tell you that laying down a perfect base is the key to great makeup. If you put your foundation on right, everything else will follow. Next to prepping your skin, your foundation application is the most crucial part of your routine. It has the potential to really make or break your makeup for that day. So without any further ado, here's how to get the perfect base.

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Choose your coverage

Besides choosing the kind of foundation to use, you can also control how much coverage you get depending on the brush you use. Use a buffing brush for powders and if you want quick, medium coverage. You just have to apply this to your face in circular motions to get the cleanest finish. The advantage of this is lesser streaks, but down side is you can easily go overboard with this so just remember a litte goes a long way. On the other hand, using a stippling brush can give you an airbrush finish when done right. It has way more chances of streaking if you don't spend the time really blending it. Use dotting motions or light circular motions depending on the finish you want to achieve.

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Set it!

Next up: lock it down. The secret to a long-lasting base is really setting it into place. Use a fluffy powder brush to apply a thin layer of setting powder all over the face. Just dust it on places you want to stay matte like the T-zone, to keep it from getting oily throughout the day. Using a fluffier brush just ensures less caking.


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