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How To Make Your Skin Look Dewy and Fresh

By Janine Abejay
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How To Make Your Skin Look Dewy and Fresh
With affordable products!

Fresh and glowing skin? Now that's what we aim for! It's the kind of dew that's sure-fire Instagram-worthy and accentuates your natural radiance. In fact, we so love dewy skin here at Beauty Bubble, that we always make sure that our featured #BBGirls wear their most flawless complexion to complement our playful and bold makeup looks. You can wear the same gleam with products that won't break the bank, and they're our favorites too. See how you can make your skin look dewy and fresh, on the daily!


Layer A Dewy Base


BLK Cosmetics Skin Tint Sun Shield PHP 499

Evening out your complexion is our goal for a flawless base, but aim for a dewy product for the glow. When it's blended, you should be seeing a complementing shine peeking through your skin, and you can achieve this with a skin tint like BLK Cosmetics Skin Tint Sun Shield. It has good coverage but shows the coveted radiance for fresh skin.


Use Cream Blush

Sunnies Face Airblush in Disco PHP 445

Cream blushes color your cheeks nicely, as they blend seamlessly with a dewy base. They also provide a nice sheen on your cheeks that also adds more hydration. Use a soft-focus blush like Sunnies Face Airblush for a natural flush.


Use Liquid Highlighter

NYX Professional Away We Glow PHP 490

Layer a liquid highlighter for a hydrated look! It sets better on top of the skin, making you glow lit-from-within. When you also set it after, it shines even more and makes you look fresher.


Mist With Rose Water

Pixi By Petra Rose Glow Mist PHP 995

Products with rose water are said to bring health and radiance to the complexion. So, set everything with a rose facial spray such as Pixi By Petra's Rose Glow Mist. It's a good mid-day revitalizer and it also maintains your skin's moisture and dew.

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