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How To Prevent Your Concealer From Creasing

By Chin Ann Obiedo
• Updated
How To Prevent Your Concealer From Creasing
No more creasing!

Don't you just hate it when you've laid done your concealer so beautifully before leaving the house then in the middle of the day, it starts creasing? You have no idea why and now you have to deal with it all day because there's only so much damage control you can do. Don't worry; I'm here to help. After all the makeup videos I've watched on Youtube, conversations with makeup artists, and from my own personal experience, here are some of my tips to prevent you from concealer from creasing.


Before putting on your concealer, it's important to prep the eyes. That means hydrate, hydrate, hydrate those under eyes. Put some eye cream that's not too slippery (otherwise it might slip and slide) to ensure that your under eyes is prepared for any product you're going to put on. It just makes everything smooth and seamless and the product has something to stick on. After that, we can proceed with putting on the actual concealer.

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While a concealer brush is great, you're less likely to make a mistake with a beauty sponge. It absorbs the excess product and just presses the product into your skin better. For the application, don't use the method of putting as much as you can all at once. Yes, you may want full-coverage because you wanna cover your dark under eyes but it may backfire and make you look even more tired. Makeup artists always advice to do everything gradually. Start small at first then you can add and add until you're happy with it. Go with a light hand and you'll see the difference. This will give you fewer chances of creasing.

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Now, this is important: don't ever forget to set your concealer with a setting powder. It'll prevent it from slipping and sliding throughout the day and it will really lock it in place. It'll make it look silky and smooth. Be quick to set your concealer and make sure you've blended the liquid concealer thoroughly before setting it so you don't end up with creases. So what you do is you take a damp beauty sponge to pick up the powder and press it onto your under eyes carefully. Blend and blend until you get that perfect finish. Try to get a powder that has no flashback so you won't have a white cast when you do take flash photography.

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