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How to Remove Glitter Makeup

By Dana Manuel
• Updated
How to Remove Glitter Makeup
Get rid of stubborn shimmer from your face and clothes.

The holidays are always a good excuse to cover ourselves in glitter, but it’s all fun and games until the shimmer specks find their way to our cheeks and clothes. Taking every bit off can be a pain in the butt—unless you know the right way to do it. Here’s the skinny on how to remove glitter makeup. 

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The first step is to take some scotch tape and gently pat it on the skin to take away the excess glitter. Next, soak a cotton ball with an oil-based eye makeup remover like Simple’s Dual Effect Eye Make Up Remover, press it over your eyelids or lips, and leave it on for a minute before sweeping the makeup off. Don’t rub your eyes as it might cause irritation. Keep repeating the process until there is no residue left. Now that you got rid of the glitter, follow up with a facial cleanser like Innisfree’s Green Tea Foam Cleanser and continue your usual skincare routine.

If the glitter has somehow stuck to your clothes, spray some aerosol hairspray and let it dry, then wash it off. Et voilà!  

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