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Level Up Your Self-Care Weekends!

By Marie Elise Delos Santos
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Level Up Your Self-Care Weekends!
Self-love at it's finest.

We all know that skincare can be pricey at times, but investing in your skin truly works wonders. It also helps testing these products during your leisure time on the weekends so you can enjoy the benefits and see if they're really for you. We've rounded up some great products that you should definitely get your hands on!




HiMirror HiShine Facial Massager PHP 1,600

Investing in this top-quality facial massager is a must! It's two main priorities are to clean and to moisturize. The clean mode uses positive ion technology that eliminates accumulated dirt, excess oil and make-up residue inside the pores. The moist mode then uses negative ion technology to import nutrients deep into the skin, boosts absorption and maximizes the effectiveness of the skincare products you are using. It also has a hot massage function, heating up to 40 °C to enhance circulation and the timer lets you know how to stay efficient with this product! 





Dr. Belmeur Bubble Foaming Cleanser PHP 630

Dr. Belmeur's Bubble Foaming Cleanser cleanses impurities while exfoliating dead skin cells. This custom made formula contains beta-glucan to maintain moisture balance, Chaga mushroom extract to soothe your skin and blue citrus peel extract to control excess sebum. It leaves 100% natural fragrances from tea tree leaf, bergamot fruit, rosemary leaf, lime, and eucalyptus leaf oils. Try pairing this foaming cleanser with the HiMirror Facial Massager!





Pixi Glow Mud Cleanser PHP 1,290

If you're looking for a deeper yet gentle cleanse, this Pixi Glow Mud Cleaner has a gritty mud formulation that detoxifies the pores with hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, and avocado oil to help plump and nourish your skin. Your complexion will surely feel smooth and purified after!





Dr. Jart V7 Toning Mask PHP 230

What's great about this mask is you're hitting two birds with one stone. Instead of buying a separate toner and using multiple makeup remover pads, you can sit back and enjoy this face mask while it does the job for you. It contains a highly concentrated toning component with 7-vitamin, plus white jade, delivering active ingredients to the skin to tone, brighten and clear blemishes. 





Dr. Belmeur Spot Care Ampoule PHP 1,440

The Dr. Belmeur Spot Care Treatment will control areas with blemish and dead skin build-up. Like the foaming face wash, it also has beta-glucan, Chaga mushroom and blue citrus peel extract to maintain moisture, calm the skin and control excess sebum. In addition, it contains Centella Asiatica to soothe breakouts and betaine salicylate to diminish dead skin cells. This is a good follow up after the toning mask. Apply this on and around the proper area, and avoid using the dropper directly on the skin so it remains clean. 





Heimish Bulgarian Rose Water Hydrogel Eye Patch PHP 799

It's no secret that the skin around your eyes is very sensitive and also needs some extra TLC. So, this Hydrogel Eye Patch brightens dark circles, keeps the skin firm and bouncy, absorbs well into the skin due to its hydrogel make. Apply these patches directly under your eyes or parts of the face that need it most. Leave it on for 20-30 minutes, then pat the remaining serum onto your skin after. 

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