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Make Your Holidays Stress-Free with These Cool Tips

By Kristina Rita
• Updated
Have a Stress-Free Holidays with These Cool Tips

Our country is known for having one of the most festive holiday celebrations in the world, with Christmas preparations starting as early as September rolls in. From the time you see the first decorations and lights being put up in malls and other establishments, to hearing the first lines to Christmas in Our Hearts already being played in radio stations, you’ll know that the holidays have already started. Indeed, we Pinoys love celebrating the holidays that everywhere we go, there are signs of Christmas festivities all over.

Unfortunately, the -ber months also mean extra stress for a lot of people. As soon as you get out of the house, the extra heavy traffic in the streets and crowds in malls remind you that aside from all the holiday cheer, Christmas is also quite stressful. Not to mention the strain on your budget and keeping track of all the events and parties that you have to attend, the holidays are enough to keep even the most chill person a bit stressed.

Don’t let the craziness of the Christmas season get to you, as we’ve listed down some cool tips to get you through the holidays.

Remember to take a break

The holiday season usually means a full social calendar --- from office parties to family gatherings and barkada reunions, you’re sure to be going from one place to another. It can be easy to get lost in all the rush so take time in between to have a break from all the holiday merrymaking. Whether it’s an extra few minutes during your coffee break or taking a quiet walk in the park, having some time to decompress helps you get some downtime during the Christmas rush.

Unplug from social media

Seeing all your friends’ posts on social media during the holidays can be stressful, especially if you’re one of those people who always feel that they need to keep up with everyone. Although social media is meant to connect us with our loved ones and friends, it can also lead to FOMO or feeling like you’re missing out. Take a breather from social media and have a detox from the info overload on your feed even for just a few hours each day.

Do something nice for someone

Christmas is the season of giving, so in the middle of all the shopping and parties, do something nice for someone you don’t really get to do favors for during the rest of the year. Whether it’s your office janitor or your favorite Jollijeep manang, even a simple token or gift like a box of Christmas cupcakes would be a kind gesture that they’ll sure appreciate.

Keep your hair cool, fresh and dandruff-free

Of course, don’t forget to make sure that you’re feeling cool both inside and out. You’ll be spending lots of time on-the-go so your hair needs to feel fresh and dandruff-free to avoid any awkward moments whether you’re enjoying your barkada gathering or just  happen to bump into someone you know while doing your Christmas shopping.

Stand out in any crowd without having to worry about dandruff flakes showing up in your fab outfits with CLEAR Complete Soft Care. It has fresh sakura fragrance to keep your hair smelling good even when you’ve been out all day and all night.

Not only will you feel cool and dandruff-free, CLEAR Complete Soft Care also has moisturizers that keep your hair soft, unlike other anti-dandruff shampoos that cause dryness. This Christmas season, get 0% Dandruff, 100% Freshness, only with CLEAR.  

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