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Meet The Balm's Lou-Manizer Sisters

By Janine Abejay
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Meet The Balm's Lou-Manizer Sisters
Your glow trio.

In times of dewy need, these gorgeous sisters are always to the rescue to give that glamourous on-the-go luminosity. Bonnie, Lou, and Cindy: all unique on their own but with a common denominator. The Lou-Manizer sisters are the cult-favorite highlighters that never fail to bring that glass-like and radiant sheen. Truly, they'll never be out of the loop and will remain coveted by many makeup lovers. See these illuminators shine on their own but glow together, and find out which suits your skin tone!

The Balm Mary Lou Manizer PHP 1150

She must be not unrecognizable! The OG highlighter adorned by everyone for years is in the name of Mary Lou-Manizer. Its brilliant champagne undertone is the perfect shade for any makeup look. It goes on buttery with every touch of your finger and sweep of your brush, and it applies like melted gold on the skin. This looks universally good on either warm or cool-toned makeup looks.

The Balm Bonnie-Lou Manizer PHP 1150

A highlighter with a slight bronze tone? Say hello to that sunkissed dazzle! Bonnie-Lou Manizer is a medium-toned highlighter with a hint of warm bronze. With the same seamless consistency, this is the ideal topper for those warm bronzed moments. Morenas can truly enjoy this version of the Lou Manizer for its golden hue.


The Balm Cindy-Lou Manizer PHP 1150

Cindy is a bit deviant from her other sisters, as she's more pink and cool-toned. Light-skinned beauty babes may gravitate to this color. especially if you have a cooler undertone. This pretty pink champagne sheen may go well with your no-makeup makeup looks, and it's absolutely nice to pair with blush shades. Feel a little more dainty with this highlighter!

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