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Multipurpose Is Now The Name of The Makeup Game

By Janine Abejay
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Multipurpose Is Now The Name of The Makeup Game
Why everyone wants a versatile product.

It's official: multi-purpose is now the name of the makeup game. Every brand has been coming out with all-around beauty products, and people are starting to look for this quality in their beauty staples. They're selling like hotcakes because they're fun to collect, use, and bring around everywhere. Check out the deets on why the word "multi" rings so much bell in today's beauty community and how convenient these must-haves are!



3CE Take A Layer Multi Pot in #Primula PHP 1450

If your beauty product can do so much in one pot, then you got yourself a good deal! You won't have to buy another lipstick, another blush, or another eyeshadow, because you have everything you need in one single product. It functions simultaneously as these, giving you so much value for your money. Indeed, it's a practical choice!


Saves Space

BLK Cosmetics Holiday Mini All-Over Paint in Pink Topaz PHP 299

Bothered by your bag's clutter? Don't add up to it by stacking it up with more stuff. Moreso, don't crowd your bag with so much makeup! If you're a simple gal, then you wouldn't need a lot. That's why multi-purpose makeup products definitely suit your needs. They save your kit with so much space.



Sunnies Face Fluffmatte in Vacay PHP 345

The monochromatic makeup look is so trending nowadays, and what better product to use than a multipurpose one. It completes your makeup look with a single hue. It always makes you look fresh, trendy, and put-together. You can wear this on the daily or even on special occasions! It's always pretty every single time.



Pixi By Petra Multi Balm Cheek & Lip Tint PHP 695

Multi-use products are made to make your life easy. They're usually seamless and easy to blend. Perfect for the on-the-go beauty babe, worry less about your makeup with these hassle-free staples. Even when you don't have the full-pack of makeup tools, all you need to use are your fingertips! 

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