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Pro Concealer Tricks You Should Know About

By Chin Ann Obiedo
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Pro Concealer Tricks You Should Know About
You'll never look at concealer the same way again!

We'll let you in a little secret: your concealer isn't just for cover-ups. It's more than just a product that you turn to when you've got really dark undereyes from sleeping late last night or when an agry pimple suddenly pops up. No, this magical product does so much more than those. Since it's very multi-functional, you can use it in ways you never knew you could. For this article, we're sharing our other favorite ways of using a concealer.

Check them out:


Clean and Sharpen

If you've ever had trouble with getting your brows to be on fleek, concealer is that ultimate solution. Draw your brows like usual but this time, use a concealer to clean up the edges. Take an angled brush and put a little bit of concealer on the tip then gently clean up under the arch. This will give you a more defined, clean cut. It's like the ultimate cheat for those who are not that good at free-hand. You can also do this with your eyeliner to give it a nice flick or with lipsticks to sharpen the edges and make sure everything is within the line of your lips. This is especially helpful when working with red lipsticks.


Eyelid Primer

If you don't want to be bothered with buying an eyelid primer, just use your concealer. It'll extend the longevity and will make your eyeshadow have better color pay-off. Just dab some on your eyelid and blend until it becomes invisible then set with your trusty powder. Now, you get to save yourself from making another purchase. Win-win!


Color Corrector

If you've ever ended up with the wrong foundation shade, you can always use your concealer as a sort of pigment mixer to your foundation. If it's too dark, just mix it with a lighter concealer on a mixing plate or even at the back of your hand to mix and vice versa. There you go! Problem fixed. You just salvaged a foundation you spent money on.

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