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Recreate This 3-Step Halo Eyeshadow Look

By Janine Abejay
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Recreate This 3-Step Halo Eyeshadow Look

Ahh, the famous halo eye. This OG makeup look has been seen on the lids of known beauty gurus like Tati Westbrook, Kathleen Lights, and Raiza Contawi. It's that boom shimmer on the center and contoured eye shape that keeps us gravitating towards this shadow look. Glam as it may be, it's actually easy to recreate! This gorgeous eye ensemble is just a piece of cake with a few steps, and you only need three shades. Plus, cop a palette that carries all the colors you need and you're good to go. See our step-by-step process of the halo look with The Balm's Nude Dude Palette, and break Instagram with a stunning selfie!

The Balm The Nude Dude PHP 1790


Build Your Crease

Your lid crease is that curve above your eyeball. It's a must to accentuate this part of your eye so as to build your eyeshadow look's base. With a fluffy blending brush, take the shade Feisty and run it on your crease. If you have hooded eyes, slightly look down when applying and take it slightly above to your brow bone.

Shape The Outer-V

With a dense short dome brush, define your outer-v with the shade Funny, a darker tone from your crease color. Sweep your brush starting from the outer part of your crease to your upper lash line. Imagine creating a faded eyeshadow cat-eye.

Top Off With Shimmer

What makes it halo is the shimmer! Take a flat brush and dip unto Faithful, a brilliant champagne shimmer shade. Extra tip: spritz your brush with a setting spray to intensify sheen and make it a foiled look. Tap it unto the center of your lid for that halo shine.

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