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Simple Ways of Getting Rid of Millia

By Janine Abejay
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Simple Ways of Getting Rid of Millia
No more annoying bumps!

See that annoying bump that isn't necessarily a pimple nor a whitehead? Those are milia! Commonly found around the area, these are harmless growths caused by trapped dead skin cells. These dead skin cells are composed of keratin, a rich protein that's situated on the outer layer of the skin. These are caused by products with heavy consistencies, sun-damage, and lack of exfoliation. Before they get any peskier to remove, remedy and prevent them quickly with these simple steps! Check out below how you can easily sashay away these unflattering bumps:


Use Gentle Chemical Exfoliators

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Exfoliate but not harshly! This helps remove all dead skin cells from your skin's outer surface. Potent yet gentle chemical peels like AHA and BHA reveal a newer and fresher dermis. If you currently have these bumps, then this step will help reduce milia's appearance and completely diminish them. With constant exfoliation, you also prevent the build-up of such and maintain blemish-free, flawless skin. 


Yield The Harsh Sun!


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Don't skip on your SPF, beauty babe! Sun-damage may trigger the production of milia. Appalled by those growths and can't wait to see them gone? Start using sunscreen now and never miss it so you won't harbor any more of these annoying bumps in the future.


Opt For Lightweight Products

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Clogged pores are also the culprit that encourage milia, and it's due to those heavy skincare products you've been using. This paired with a tremendous amount of dead skin cell build-up will really bar you from having that pristine complexion! Cut down on the thick emollients and use lightweight staples instead that still do the job sans causing your skin to harbor dirt and sebum.

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