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Spot Treatments For Your Quick Fixes

By Marie Elise Delos Santos
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Spot Treatments For Your Quick Fixes
Quickly get rid of acne!

Suprise acne attacks can be frustrating especially when you have a big day coming up whether it's picture day in school, a work event or holiday party. You begin to question whether or not your 7 step skincare routine really is working. Here a list of quick fix items to help reduce skin inflammation stat!


Dr. Belmeur's Spot Care Ampoule PHP 1,440 

Dr. Belmeur's Spot Care Ampoule is a derma-cosmetic brand that uses mild yet effective ingredients. This on-the-spot control ampoule targets areas with blemish developing and dead skin build-up. The beta-glucan component maintains moisture, the Chaga mushroom extract soothes the skin and the blue citrus peel extract controls exess sebum. After priming your skin with toner, apply the product on and around the problem area. Avoid using the dropper directly on the skin to avoid contamination.



Dr. Belmeur's Spot Patch Kit PHP 400 

Dr. Belmeur's Spot Patch Kit is a 2-way patch for soothing and protecting the skin. The Spot Plaster Band contains tea tree oil to soothe sensitive skin against external contamination. The Spot Hydrocolloid Band helps absorb and protect wound discharge. After washing and towel-drying your face, apply the patch to the problem areas. Do not use lotion or cream and avoid using repetitively on the same spot. It is recommended to keep it on for 8-12 hours depending on the results. 



Skinmiso's Spot Repairing Serum PHP 1,380

Skinmiso's acne spot treatment brightens acne scars that have darkened and brightens overall dull skin. It also creates a protective layer on the skin to protect and seal your trouble acne spot away from the external causes (such as pollution) providing better overall treatment.

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