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The Genius Hack for Long Lasting Lipstick

By Dana Manuel Share
The Genius Hack for Long Lasting Lipstick
Pucker up! These tips will get your lipstick to last through all the holiday parties.

We love a bold red lip but it can get high maintenance sometimes—no one wants to have clown lips by lunch time. In a perfect world, all our favorite shades have budge-proof formulas that we don’t have to reapply but while we’re waiting for our favorite lipstick brands to make this happen, there are a few hacks that will make any lipstick last longer. When you’re busy with all the festivities, there’s just no time to constantly worry about your lipstick smudging all over your chin and upper lip. So here’s how to make sure your lipstick stays on all day:

Condition your pout.

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Any lipstick looks better and apply way smoother on hydrated lips. Before even starting your makeup, apply a nourishing lip balm and leave it on your lips until it’s time to put on lipstick.

Wear lip liner

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Aside from making sure your lipstick is even around the edges, applying a lip liner all over the lips before lipstick will help prevent bleeding and make it last longer.

Layer and blot

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Use your lip brush to apply a thin layer of lipstick, then take a piece of tissue and gently press it over your mouth. Apply another layer of lipstick. Alternatively, you can use a blotting sheet. This trick removes any oil on the lips and ensures a long lasting lip color.

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