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These Facts Will Brush Up Your Sunscreen Knowledge

By Janine Abejay
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These Facts Will Brush Up Your Sunscreen Knowledge
Debunk these sun care terms!

We've never failed to remind you, beauty babes, to always use sunscreen! It's essential to our life's existence and it'll reap so many rewards for our skin in the future. We know a lot of you have religiously incorporated this skincare need in your daily routines, but mostly without so much knowledge on the scribbles printed on the bottle. What does SPF stand for? Any clue about PA? And what are these weird pluses, and how do they affect our skin? To rehash your obscure sun care knowledge, here's a short glossary on sunscreen terms!

Check them out:




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SPF - These initials mean Sun Protection Factor. It's the measurement of how long your sunscreen blocks UVB rays from heating your skin deeply. This period of time is in terms of hours. It's like a shield that bars these harsh rays from penetrating your skin, and UVB rays can terribly damage the dermis' collagen and tissues. SPF of 35 to 50 is a good amount to last you for hours with constant reapplication.



PA +++


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PA +- PA is essentially a rating system developed in Japan to measure your protection from UVA rays. Note that UVB and UVA rays are different. UVA doesn't hurt as much as UVB, which makes them a little bit sly and sneaky. But these rays cause your skin to age and darken due to prolonged sun exposure. Plus (+) signs range up to four, and ++++ entails to high UVA protection.



Broad Spectrum



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Broad Spectrum - This protects the skin from both UVA and UVB rays. It protects from UVA, which causes aging and darkening, and UVB that causes harmful burning.

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