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This Skin Cult-Fave Is Now Half The Price

By Janine Abejay
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This Skin Cult-Fave Is Now Half The Price
Get it for less!

Eyeing to buy the world's most powerful facial but your budget is out of reach? Well, you can now cop Aztec Secret's Indian Healing Clay Mask for 50% off! Enjoy poreless, pristine skin with this cult-favorite clay mask. It's made with 100% Natural Calcium Bentonite Clay, an ingredient derived from aged volcanic ashes. It has healing properties that treat breakouts, lighten blemishes, and remove dirt and sebum from pores. Proven by history, this type of mask has been used throughout the years by many; even Cleopatra has touched her skin with this skincare ingredient as part of her beauty regimen.

No regrets about purchasing this one, because it has a multitude of benefits and is so easy to use! And you can create various mixtures with it depending on the purpose. Called the Kneipp's Original Mix, make a beauty batter by mixing in apple cider vinegar. Add honey to mimic Cleopatra's own beauty cocktail. You can also disinfect your feet by infusing this pure powder with Pau D'Arco Tea and Tea Tree Oil, and apply on your toes and soles. This skincare product truly values every penny in your pocket! Shop this now for PHP 410 below, and mask away for a flawless complexion!




Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay PHP 410


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