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This Skinny Mascara is Perfect for Asian Eyelashes

By Chin Ann Obiedo
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This Skinny Mascara is Perfect for Asian Eyelashes
Perfect for those who have short and straight lashes!

Next to having oily skin, one of the most common beauty problems we have as Asians is our short and straight lashes. Not that there's anything wrong with that but sometimes we just wanna wake up with long, voluminous lashes! Something about it just makes you look more awake and put together. Not to mention the wonders it can do to an eye makeup look. Of course, there's always the alternative of getting lash extensions but we're not gonna lie— they're cute at first but they're actually very hard to maintain and they're expensive.

So really, a great mascara is our best bet to achieve our dream lashes. But if you've had any experience at all in this department, you already know that finding a mascara for our lash type is quite the challenge. Our lashes don't hold a curl easily and big wanded mascaras just poke us in the eyes.

But don't fret because among the sea of mascaras available to the market, we finally found a mascara that's just oh so perfect! The mascara is from a cult-fave K-Beauty brand and its bristles are super skinny! With this mascara, you can be very detailed with coating your upper and lower lashes individually. You'll get less smudging and your lashes will appear longer. Cool, right? The awesome product we're talking about none other than the Innnisfree Skinny Microcara.

This mascara has a 2.5mm-diameter micro brush that will curl your lashes from root to tip. It's formulated with botanical extracts so it still cares for your lashes while giving them a lifted effect! You can also use this product as a topper to your favorite mascara if you just need something with more precision. Either way, the Skinny Microcara will be a great addition to your makeup collection! 

Scroll below to try the awesome mascara for yourself:


Innnisfree Skinny Microcara PHP 480

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