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Why Everyone Wants Their Hands On 3CE's Color Multi Pot

By Janine Abejay
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Why Everyone Wants Their Hands On 3CE's Color Multi Pot
A sought-after K-Beauty makeup staple!

Ever since its release, Style Nanda's 3CE Take A Layer Multi Pot has been a standing K-Beauty cult-favorite. And those who haven't tried this yet are still eyeing this multi-purpose product amidst newer makeup releases in the market. We can't blame the rave from avid fans and the fans-to-be for its beautiful packaging, wearable shade range, and user versatility. An easy-to-use makeup pot, it's formulated with Arabian cotton, shea butter, and fermented vitamin tree to give you the most natural flush, making this K-Beauty product a definite crowd-favorite. Check out the shades and shop them below:






3CE Take A Layer Multi Pot in Cabbage Rose PHP 1450

Warm the product with your fingers, and gently tap on this mauve rose on your cheeks. This everyday shade is eye candy on its own, thus this color is undeniably the most sold out one among all. It's muted for daily use but it won't bore for it never fails to let your natural glow shine.





3CE Take A Layer Multi Pot in Holly Hock PHP 1450

A bit on the brighter side, wear Holly Hock if you want to amp up your beauty look for a little more freshness. This hue is perfect for a baby doll effect, and it brings out your youthful glow.





3CE Take A Layer Multi Pot in Diotima PHP 1450

The shade Diotima absolutely screams peachy vibe. If you're into warm coral hues, then this shade is for you. Morenas can absolutely slay this shade, adding a complimenting color to their bronze complexion.




3CE Take A Layer Multi Pot in Primula PHP 1450

This cherry rade shade may look intimidating for its deep color. But with the product's buildable application, you can layer this little by little until you're satisfied with the intensity. This is also one of the reasons why people seek this multi-pot the most: its ability to be layered gradually without patching lets you achieve that natural, soft-focus look. Use this color for chic, minimal makeup moments.

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