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Your Guy Might be Overlooking This Serious Hair Problem

By Dana Manuel
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Your Guy Might be Overlooking This Serious Hair Problem
Why your man shouldn't ignore this hair issue until it's too late

Hair might be the last thing on a man’s mind but the reality is that every man encounters at least one common hair problem at some point in his life. Because having a head full of hair is not a concern they think about and the best effort they make is washing it in the shower, it’s up to us ladies to help our guy out. After all, who can give them the best hair care advice but us?  

Some of the most common hair problems that your guy might be experiencing are dandruff, greasy hair, and dry hair. But there’s one very common hair problem that guys tend to overlook: excessive hair fall. As men get older, they experience receding hairlines, bald spots, and hair loss, which are typically caused by genetics, stress, lifestyle factors, or skin conditions. It affects up to 18% of men from ages 20 - 40, making it a serious hair problem that most men don’t know how to address.

So what’s a guy to do when they’re losing hair? For one, sharing your shampoo with him won’t cut it. Men are actually more prone to hair fall than women, which means they need products that are formulated specifically for their hair’s needs. Have your boyfriend try the Dove Men+Care Strengthening Shampoo, it has a nourishing formula that makes hair up to 5x stronger and significantly reduces hair fall due to breakage. It contains Trichazole Actives that are scientifically proven to reduce hair fall from roots to tips. Caffeine is also a powerful ingredient in Dove Men+Care that is known to promote growth of hair follicles.

Other hair hacks that can help your guy prevent excessive hair fall are: taking vitamins like vitamins A and E to encourage hair growth and improve blood circulation in the scalp; avoiding brushing wet hair; air drying instead of rubbing hair with a towel; and refraining from constant heat styling. These tips, along with regular hair washing with Dove Men+Care, will help your man #StrandStrong and beat hair fall before it’s too late.

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